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For all of you who live in Delhi or who are planning on visiting India’s capital city sometime this year, listen up! This is VY Lodging’s first post on an ongoing THINGS TO DO IN DELHI series and it is specifically dedicated to Indian Cuisine lovers. So if you love Indian food, you are going to love this write-up which discusses Delhi’s Street Food Festival, a culinary marvel that provides its visitors the chance to choose from over 25 dishes spanning 25 Indian states – all in one place!

Now the most recent outdoor Delhi Food Festival took place in December of last year (2014), but there will be other similar outdoor food events coming up this year (2015), so you will have plenty more opportunities to fill up on delicious dishes from across India. .

The last Delhi Food Festival was held near the metro station at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium – Central Secretariat-Badarpur Line. Each new outdoor food festival, however, is usually held at a different place. Therefore, if you would like to attend any of the upcoming street food festivals in 2015 then you might want to contact India’s Department of Tourism for event dates and locations. Tickets usually cost Rs. 50 and can be purchased at ticket booths in front of the venue.

The outdoor Delhi Food Festival offers everyone a chance to experience the unique taste of “street-vendor” food, an Indian culinary specialty that in my opinion is a must attend event for Indian natives and tourists alike.

The Delhi Street Food Festival typically takes place over a 4-day period and features approximately 175 food stalls, each one showcasing one (or a few) of the various “street meals” that can be found scattered throughout the subcontinent. The prices for most dishes are reasonable, running around Rs. 20 tp Rs. 150 per dish or item.

The street food festival is the only one of its kind in Delhi that offers such a vast array of Indian dishes under one roof (actually, under no roof), giving natives the chance to gorge themselves on their favorite foods and visiting tourists the opportunity to sample and acclimate themselves to the different “flavors of India”.

Some of the food you will find on display at the Delhi Food Festival, include:

  • DOSA
  • This list is only but a small sample of the various dishes the festival has to offer, for there are many more dishes on display at the festival – (you can see more of them in the video provided at the bottom of this post).

    The food at the Delhi Food Festival is the same kind of food that can be found at almost any street food vendor cart across India – from Himachal Pradesh (North India) to Kerala (South India), and everywhere else in between. That is why it does not matter If you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, a South Indian food lover or North Indian food lover, have a sweet tooth or prefer spicy food, with so much variety to choose from you are sure to find your favorite dish at Delhi’s outdoor street food festival.

    So go ahead and bring the entire family (outdoor games available for children and cultural performances for adults), and enjoy this one-of-a-kind food arrangement that will give you a delicious experience of Indian culture and history through the means of Indian street food.

    *** You do not have to wait until the next Delhi Food Festival to satisfy your taste buds. You can download the Android App, “Street Sathi”. and get all the information you need to locate nearby street food vendors (proximity, popularity and cuisine type), at absolutely no cost to you – the app is free!

    Here is the video of the Delhi Food Festival.

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    If you are planning to vacation, receive medical treatment or or take a business trip to Delhi, you must check out Tej Abode (Bed Breakfast New Delhi).

    Why am I touting this particular Delhi Bed and Breakfast?  It is not just because I am the owner and operator of this establishment, but because of the many happy guests who have stayed here over the years for multiple purposes: tourism (personal and medical), surrogacy pregnancies, business trips and relocation purposes.

    The reason we have been able to cater to so many clients with varied agendas is because we run our establishment in two ways: as a short-term/long-term bed and breakfast, as well as a service apartment – where the guest is in control of their stay, as if it were their own home.

    Tej Abode (Bed Breakfast New Delhi) is approved by India’s Ministry of Tourism Department and has received the “Gold Category Award” from them, which testifies to the fact that it is among the top-most rated bed and breakfast establishments within Delhi.

    What Tej Abode (Bed Breakfast New Delhi) Offers

    For one thing, our staff is on hand 24 hrs. of the day/night to meet your every need.

    Our accommodation provides all the amenities of a hotel, such as:

    • Big-Screen TV (cable television)
    • Air-Conditioning
    • Hot Water
    • A kitchen which serves multi-cuisine dishes (in some cases, meals off the menu can be prepared per request)
    • Free Breakfast
    • Spacious rooms with a wonderful decor
    • 24-hr. Security

    Other benefits provided by Tej Abode (Bed Breakfast New Delhi), include:

    • Service Apartment Capabilities
    • Centralized Location (within GK II – an upscale neighborhood which is near many tourist attractions and shopping centers)
    • Personal Assistance (tourism and medical advice, transportation recommendations and general info. pertaining to Delhi and other major tourist destinations within India)

    Please do come visit us on your next trip to India’s Capital City.  We would be more than happy to accommodate you and help you find whatever it is you are looking for.

    You can watch a brief video tour of Tej Abode (Bed Breakfast New Delhi), below:



    delhi bed and breakfast


    In this post I will list some of the pros and cons of surrogacy before I spend some more time talking about surrogate mother cost in Delhi, India.  Not to give too much away too soon, I would still like to briefly mention that surrogacy is completely safe, cost-effective and legal in India, and specifically in Delhi.  Before I get into the pros and cons of surrogacy, as well as the surrogate mother cost in Delhi, let me first discuss the general definition and some basic information in regards to surrogacy pregnancies.


    A surrogacy is an arrangement – agreement between two expecting parents and another woman (surrogate mother), to carry their baby in her womb until birth.  Thereafter, the surrogate mother is expected to hand over the baby to the parents according to the laws of the country in which the baby was born.  There are two types of surrogacy procedures.  These are:

    • gestational surrogacy – where an embryo is transplanted in the surrogate mother, which means that the child will not be genetically related to the surrogate mother in any way.
    • traditional surrogacy – where the surrogate mother is impregnated naturally or artificially through the father’s semen, resulting in a child who is genetically related with the surrogate mother.


    Before considering a surrogate pregnancy, it is advisable to weigh the pros and cons of surrogacy. While a surrogate pregnancy may be the last hope of parenthood for a childless couple, it does not mean that they should go in blind and not consider some of the benefits and demerits of the procedure(s). After all, every parent has certain expectations for their child and the manner of childbirth is most certainly an important consideration in this regard. The following is a list of some of the more general pros and cons of surrogacy. They will help you to better ascertain if a surrogate pregnancy is right for you.


    1. The last hope: Childless couples may have no other option at parenthood other than that of a surrogacy pregnancy. The fact that they do still have an option, when all other ones may have failed, often brings joy and relief to the expecting parents. No matter what obstacles are preventing them from getting pregnant, a surrogacy can be the one promising procedure that can actually provide them with the opportunity to bring a child into this world.
    2. A chance for same sex couples: Obviously, surrogacy is one of the only options for same-sex couples who wish to have a child. Even if the child is genetically half theirs, the ability to raise and bring up a child in a loving environment exceeds the opposite ramification: having no child at all!
    3. Male or female infertility is not a problem: In the case of an infertile father or mother, surrogacy pregnancies can still provide the couple with a child of their own. As was stated earlier, there are two types of surrogacy pregnancies where either the father donates his sperm or the mother donates her embryo. In either case, a child will be born as a result, regardless of the fertility issue experienced by either partner.
    4. Safe procedure: In a traditional surrogacy the method adopted can be natural or artificial. In the case of the former, it is done the way nature intended it to be done, albeit with a different partner. Therefore, there is no fear of complications ensuing as a result – that is as long as the couple is willing to have a child who is genetically related to the surrogate mother. During an artificial transfer, the semen is administered through a particular medical procedure, which is relatively harmless to the surrogate mother (and of course quite easy for the donor – the father). The gestational procedure is a bit more complicated, but with the advent of modern medicine there are less complications and discomforts. It should be mentioned here that the gestational surrogacy process at present has been made much more comfortable for both the donating mother and the surrogate mother, although some discomfort may still be felt by either party.
    5. Cost-effective: In many medically-advanced nations in the East, surrogate pregnancy is offered at a fraction of the cost of what it would be if done in nations like the U.S. or the U.K. For example, in nations such as India, locating a surrogate mother and performing a traditional or gestational surrogacy procedure is uncomplicated, less expensive and most importantly, safe.



    1. Socially unacceptable: Other members of the family and society may not share the same enthusiasm in regards to a surrogate child as the parents do, especially in the case of same-sex couples.
    2. No going back: Once the fertilization has taken place, there will be no chance to change your mind. According to most surrogate laws, the parents must accept full responsibility of the child while in the surrogate mother’s womb and after it has been born (these include both financial and moral responsibilities).
    3. Flimsy laws: In countries with less stringent surrogate laws (not including India), the surrogate mother can change her mind and decide to keep the child, or even ask for more money after the contract has already been signed. This often results in major legal battles which may not necessarily go in the parents favor.
    4. Extensive medical process: Surrogate pregnancies may include many medical procedures for the surrogate and donating mother. This expense has to be born by the expecting parents. The process may seem long and draining for some.
    5. Cost could be high: If a surrogacy is performed in countries like the U.S., for instance, the cost can be quite high. This is often the case for couples, who for some reason or another, want their child to be impregnated and born in their (the parents) country of origin.


    From the above list, I think you will agree with me that the pros seem to outweigh the cons. At least that is my personal opinion based on my experience with surrogate parents who have stayed at my bed and breakfast in Delhi. If you agree with me and are currently thinking of having a surrogacy, the next question you are probably asking yourself right now is, “Just how much does surrogacy cost?”. A very valid question, considering budget constraints caused by the economic turmoil many are facing today.

    I briefly mentioned above that the cost of surrogacy is much more in countries like the U.S. and U.K., but much cheaper in countries like India and Thailand. Now to be more specific, I will detail the actual costs of surrogacy in India, more specifically the surrogacy cost in Delhi, since this is where my business is established (bed and breakfast in Delhi), and where many happy surrogate parents have come to stay during their surrogacy pregnancy. These costs are general estimates which include the entire medical procedure, and inclusive of the surrogate mother cost in Delhi (locating a surrogate mother and bearing her expenses during the entire pregnancy period), as well.

    The average price of a gestational surrogacy in Delhi (traditional surrogacy will obviously be cheaper), at this time (including both the medical procedures and the surrogate mother cost in Delhi) is roughly $20,000, as compared with the same procedure being done in the U.S. for roughly $50,000. . Besides the surrogacy being done for around half the price in Delhi than in other parts of Europe and the western world, finding a woman willing to rent her womb in Delhi is much easier than in the U.K. and U.S., respectively. What is more, the laws in India protect the surrogate mother along with the expecting parents on an equal footing, so neither party has to worry about any foul play happening or misinformation being given before, during or after the surrogate pregnancy. One can have a surrogate pregnancy in Delhi, India knowing full well that the rights of the parents and the surrogate mother are protected, which is often not the case in other parts of the world where surrogacies are performed.

    Once you factor in the pros of surrogacy, along with the surrogate mother cost in Delhi, it makes sense to make the trip to India to have a surrogacy pregnancy. If your are convinced of the benefits of surrogacy in this part of the world (Delhi, India), then please do come visit and stay with us during your medical vacation. We will be more than happy to guide you in any way we can and make you feel right at home during this time.

    Check out some happy surrogate parents who have stayed with us at our bed and breakfast in Delhi, here:




    For more information about surrogate services offered in Delhi, visit:

    Great Service Apartment in Jangpura, New Delhi

    Master Bedroom, at Service Apartment in Jangpura, New Delhi is fully loaded with TV, Cable, WiFi,  Fridge, Ensuite Bathroom, walk in closet, spacious seating, outside balcony overlooking a serene park.

    Master Bedroom, Jangpura, New Delhi

    This swank new recently renovated property boasts of 3 rooms with attached 3 bathrooms. Each room has its own TV , AC , Geysers , Heaters, Couches , writing desks etc. This property is a wi – fi porperty and where the master bed room and the drawing open out into a outside balcony. Spacious , airy and beautifully decorated it combines comfort , utility and aesthetics.

    Amenities – This is a fully loaded serviced apartment . The kitchen has Fridge , Micro , Mixie , blenders , Iron , Crockery and Cutlery , linen – room and bathroom , GAS and stove , , water purifier, toaster,washing machine etc. At this apartment you just have to walk in with your clothes.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Services – Daily housekeeepiong , optional cook , servicing your bills , Repairs and maintenece, all your travel related requirements – taxi’s cars etc.

    Tarrif – Rs 1,60,000/- per month  incluive of housekeeping and wi – fi and taxes
    Extras – Electricity , water and telephone at actuals.
    Other great features are,, the the apartment is quite, overlooks a park, 2 minute walk from Metro Station.


    And for those who are not familiar with Jangpura,  its a quite colony towards the center of New Delhi,, it 5 mins from Defence Colony, Jor Bagh, and 10 minutes from Connaught Place.   It is also close to the Jawarlal Nehru Stadium, where the opening ceremony of Commenwealth games took place.


    you can contact us at for more details and for long term booking…


    Courtesy:  VYLODGING,  Pioneers Of the Pampering Industry

    Tasburgh House, Bath, UK

    A lovely bed and breakfast, that overlooks the town of BATH, UK.   Tasburgh House, is run by a team of mother and daughter,  who are super hospitable.   Bhawna and myself reached this town late on a summer evening, just when the sun had set without and pre-

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    bookings,  (as sometime we like to take unplanned trips).  After a long drive from London through local roads and a lesuire stop over at the Stone-Henge, we reached Bath just about sun set.    After visiting some other local bed and breakfasts, we finally reached the Tasburgh House, where the hosts daughter met us rather warmly, and assured us a great comfortable stay at a great rate even though we were such late visitors at least for England.

    Bhawna relaxing at the Patio in Tasburgh, BnB

    Bhawna relaxing at the Patio in Tasburgh, BnB

    She showed us a small but well done room, on the ground floor, aptly named, Jane Austin, as there were few books from the author, and the color scheme of the room matched what we knew of her.   In fact all the rooms are named after famous English writers such as Charles Dickens, George Eliot, H. G. Wells, Rudyard Kipling and the like.   This even made the place more special, as most of these authors often visited Bath, to enjoy the year round pleasant weather and the SPA to escape from the hot and humid  summers in London.

    In fact the most important historical SPA in actually the Roman Bath that is located in the town.   This was origially made by the Romans during their rule of England ages ago.   A tour of this monument really relaxes ones body and soul.


    After a short visit, and pleasant stay, the hosts highly recommended that we visit Castle Combe which was on a our way back to London.  This small historical village has been maintained rather authentically, and has been the location for numerous movies including some of the Harry Potter movies.



    Feel free to leave your comments, or any questions you may have about our trip.  We will update more details as we move along with this blog.

    This blog has been possible thanks to our family, friends and customers of our BnB property, TEJ ABODE.


    It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. .Hospitality by VYLODGING is the best .

    Specializing in running and marketing high end bed and breakfast and serviced apartment properties for a budget conscious travelers.




    GiriSadan, Jaipur Home Stay

    Bhawna and myself, have had the privelage of staying at this home stay on 2 or 3 occassions.  In fact, once I stayed with my brother Sanjeev.   This was duing our trips to Jaipur either to visit Bhawna’s family or on some business.

    Retired, Capt. S. K. Singh, runs a fantastic, clean property right in the heart of the city.  Its few minutes drive from the government buildings, the Hawa Mahal, and most popular Malls, and dining locations in Jaipur.

    While the property is a basic family home that you will find in India, but the hosts have ensured that many facilities, such as TV, Cable, in house dining, en-suite bathrooms are available.  They also have some outdoor seating, hence when the weather permits, its a great way to relax, and enjoy a good drink.

    They are also very welcoming and take the time to explain about Jaipur, and the various areas to explore.

    It surely rates, high on our scale, when it comes to cleanliness, comfort, locations, and the hosts.  As per amenities, its basic.

    Absolutely worthwhile to try, if you want peace and quite, yet be close to all the action that Jaipur offers.

    Unfortunately we do not have any pictures, but surely, you can visit their website at Girisadan.  Giri means mountain and Sadan, home.