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Your hosts Bhawna and Vikram Atwal invite you to share both their own experiences at numerous bed and breakfast, service apartment, heritage hotels, resorts and other lodgings where they have been.  In addition we invite you to share your own experiences so that we could enrich the experience of many of our cusotmers and site visitors.
We further hope to understand your requirements – whether for short or long term stays, Relocating in Delhi  by creating and updating regular polls.
Bhawna Singh Atwal, an SRCC alumnus, a former ramp model, an entrepreneur and an avid traveler. She has now been a part of the hospitality and service industry for the past 5 years.
Vikram Atwal , a graduate of business studies from Hofstra in NYC, and Dale Carnegie, has lived in NYC for 11 years, and has travelled extensively throughout the US, Europe and Latin America, before settling in New Delhi..
Having lived in b&b in many countries, we understand the sensitivities and requirements of a traveler , whatever your reason of travel – Business, Lesiure or medical. We like to go that extra mile whether to help you organize your trips within India , plan out your itinerary for the day or help you order fantastic food from our kitchen. Being based out of Delhi gives us the advantage of understanding the City and offering you intricate assistance to ease out your relocation.

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